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Help your pet dog feel cool


Help your pet keep its cool in hot weather?
Here are some tips to help keep your pet cool in summer.

Don`t exercise your dog in the heat of the day.
Remember that dogs can`t sweat – they can only pant to regulate their body heat. Keep your walks and runs to first thing in the morning or in the evening when the weather cools down.

dog crate
Don`t ever leave your pet in the car.
Even parked in the shade, temperatures inside your car can quickly reach 50 to 60 degrees.
When you`re driving, check your pet`s area is well-ventilated.
Whether you use open windows or air-conditioning to regulate your own temperature, check that the cooler air is reaching the area of the car your pet is in.

puppy dog
Keep your pet`s area at home cool.
Shade isn`t always enough as paving can get extremely hot even under cover. Put a shallow child`s water pool (one that`s a safe size for a small dog to easily get out of) so your dog can get in the water to cool down.lovely dog
Keep an eye on your guinea pigs, rabbits or birds.
Cats cope with heat by finding cool places to rest, and can cool themselves by licking and wetting their hair. Other smaller pets can really suffer from the heat,especially in outdoor enclosures. Check they have enough breeze or cross-ventilation, or take them inside your house if it`s really hot. You can also place a shallow tray filled with water, or something they won`t eat soaked in water in an area of their enclosure – but it must be shallow to avoid drowning risk.

dog cage
Give your pet at least two water bowls, full of fresh water.
This means there`s a back-up option if one water bowl gets tipped over or emptied.
Put ice blocks in your dog`s water bowl.
You can also freeze a large (2L) iceblock to give them in addition to plenty of drinking water.

dog kennel
Be prepared if you are planning to be out for the day.
Have an arrangement with your neighbours or friends to check on your pet or even move your pet into an air-conditioned area if the weather gets extremely

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