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How to make your dogs stay in the yard?


Dogs are smart. They like to run back and forth in the yard, but when no one is watching them, they always try to run out. This not only brings danger to dogs but also brings danger to others. So we must try to take measures to prevent dogs from running out of the yard.

Identifying Escape Routes

1-Observe your dog while he is in the yard.

Observe your dogs in a hidden place and see how they ran out of the yard. Please note that you must not let dogs see you watching it them.Common methods of escape include:· Jumping over the fence.· Climbing the fence.· Digging and going under the fence.· Slipping through a weak spot in the fence.· Undoing the latch on the fence gate.

2-See if your dog is jumping the fence.

If the fence is too low or there is an object, the dog can climb and he may skip the fence. In this case, try to increase the height of the entire fence. You can also remove objects near the fence to prevent dogs from climbing up to jump over fences, such as lawn chairs and tables.

3-Watch to see if your dog can climbs up the fence.

Some dogs will climb the fence to leave the yard. If your dog is climbing fences, raising the height of the fence may not solve the problem. You may also need to prevent your dogs from climbing the fence by other means, such as adding protruding objects in the middle of the fence to stop the dogs from climbing.

4-Determine if your dog can run out by digging holes.

Some dogs will dig away the soft dirt at the bottom of a fence and escape that way.If your dog is digging his way out, then there are several things that you can do to stop him from escaping from the yard. Some thing you can try include:• Laying the chain fence at the bottom of the fence.

• Place large rocks or bricks along the bottom of the fence.

• Use a wire fence buried underground to extend the fence downwards. If you use this method, make sure that the wire mesh does not harm your dogs.

5-Pay attention to other escape methods.

Before you let the dog into the yard, make sure the door is closed and locked. Remind all family members to do the same. If the latch is weak and your dog can easily push it away, consider installing a new latch.· Some dogs know how to unlock the latch on the gate. If your dog is using this escape method, then you can add a padlock on the door to prevent dogs from opening it.

6-Check your fence frequently and repair as needed.

To ensure that your yard is secure, check it often and look for weaknesses such as rotten wooden slats or gaps in the wire mesh.· Check for loose boards as well by pressing on the fence as you walk the perimeter. If you notice any weaknesses, then repair these right away.

7-Use a metal Dog Kennel to protect your dog

The metal dog fence has the characteristics of large space, strong and durable. When you go out, you can put your dog inside the dog kennel and use the Dog Chain to fix the dogs in the dog kennel cage. In this way, your dogs can not only have comfortable activities in the cage, but also can prevent your dogs from running out of the yard.This is the most effective and safest method to stop your dogs from going out of the yard.

dog kennel cage

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