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Pick and prepare dog cages


Finding a safe nest to sleep is a dog's instinct. Dog Cage training is to take advantage of this, let the dog have a happy association with the cage, and use the cage as a safe haven. As long as it is done properly, dog cage training is definitely good for dogs and helps to decompress. In addition, dogs naturally do not like to stain their own nest, so you can use the dog cage to teach it to go to the toilet. Dog Cages should make dogs happy.

1. Pick the right size. The cage should have enough space for the dog to stand, sit and stretch the limbs comfortably, but not too large, so that it does not divide the cage into sleeping places and toilets. It is best to buy 2 cages. Buy one for the size of the puppy and buy another one for the adult dog. You can also block part of the large dog cage and transform it into a size suitable for the puppy.

2. Select the type of cage you want. There are many types of dog cages and the prices are different. Some cages are even made like furniture and can be used as a coffee table. Carefully evaluate the advantages of each dog cage before choosing one. A dog cage made of sturdy plastic with only one wire door on the front and the other faces are closed (but with venting holes). Most of these cages can be taken on a plane. If you plan to bring a pet to travel, this may be a good choice. The cage made of wire mesh will not be bitten by the dog, allowing the dog to observe in all directions. The price is cheaper. The puppy fence is surrounded by a wire and has no floor or lid for very young dogs. Larger dogs may push it to move on the floor, even flipping it over and can only be used under supervision. If the bottom of the cage is hard, you can put a mat made of washable cloth to make the dog sleep more comfortable.

3. Find the location that is suitable for placing the dog cage. Put the dog cage in a fixed position, which can be a room that the family often stays in, where you have to go in and out. But also make sure the dog is not disturbed during breaks (especially at night).

4. Put things for the dog to play in the cage. Dogs have a favorite toy, so let's put it in a cage and let the dog think that the cage is a good place to play. Make sure that the things you put in are not bad, and that they are strong enough to prevent the dog from swallowing and suffocating.

5. Cover the cage made of wire mesh. Cover the top and side of the wire cage for added comfort. At the same time, the cage can also increase the safety of the dog. However, be aware that when a dog is bored or anxious, it may pull a blanket or towel that is placed on the side of the cage to bite.

6. Put the snacks in the cage. As part of the dog cage training, sprinkle some delicious snacks in the cage to give the dog a good association with the cage.
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