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Summer dog keeping matters


Dogs must be taken care of in the summer. Today we will talk about several precautions for raising dogs in the summer and be a qualified dog breeder.
First, keep the dog in the summer, don't shave the dog
This is a misunderstanding that many people will think, especially for Samoyed and Alaska. Many people think that shaving hair can make the dog cool. In fact, it is not true. In the summer, the ultraviolet rays are too strong, and the shaved skin will become a spotted black. If it is serious, it may cause skin cancer. The most important thing is that the dog's sweat glands are on the tongue and soles of the feet. Use, so don't let the dog know nothing.
Second, raise dogs in summer to pay attention to dog heatstroke
Heatstroke problems in summer dogs are also common, and it is easy to get a heat stroke whether you need to pay attention to dogs at home or outdoors. Conditional owners can turn on the air conditioner for the dog when leaving home, keeping the temperature comfortable and dry. Or keep the home ventilated, open the fan, and prepare enough water, this is also possible.
Third, pay attention to hair loss in summer
Generally, when changing seasons, for dogs with double-layered hair, hair loss is twice a year, one of which is in the summer. At this time, the house will be like snow, and the hair that falls off can be seen everywhere. If you have a baby or a family that is sensitive to dog hair, you need to pay extra attention to clean up. It is recommended that you can always have a vacuum cleaner and a sweeping robot at home. You can avoid this problem by cleaning it frequently.
Fourth, raise dogs in summer to pay attention to insect bites
In summer, the temperature becomes higher and the pests become more numerous, especially in the humid and humid south, where the bacteria grow significantly. When walking the dog, the owner should take the dog to the grass or the grass as much as possible to avoid being bitten by insects, especially the common mites. Once they are found, they will not be found in time, and will eventually lead to eggs at home, for both people and dogs. damage.
Fifth, raise dogs in summer to pay attention to dog food deterioration

Many owners choose to feed the dog with wet food or fresh meat in the dog's food. If you don't eat it in time in summer, it will easily deteriorate. If you eat it every other day, it will cause diarrhea and even more serious consequences.

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